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iphone8 water treatment method

by:YoukingTech     2021-08-23
Posted on 07.20 Now the mobile phone has almost become something that everyone can’t leave. What if it gets water and cannot be turned on without our attention? The editor below lists a few ways to deal with the water in the Apple mobile phone. Applicable to the following models: Apple iPhone water repair models: iPhoneX, iPhone8, 8Plus, iPhone7, 7Plus, iPhone6S, 6Splus, iPhoneSE, iPhone6, 6Plus, iPhone5S If the motherboard of the Apple mobile phone is broken, you can send it to Apple for repair. The address is Xinyue Apple Repair, Apple Store, 1st Floor, North Gate, No. 128, Jianguo Road, Southeast corner of International Trade Bridge, Chaoyang District, Beijing. After arriving at the store, an engineer will perform fault detection first, and then give the repair price. Or call Apple's customer service hotline for solutions. Apple iPhone water treatment method: Method/step 1. Remove the phone from the liquid as soon as possible. If there is a basis for disassembly and repair, please remove the battery immediately to prevent short circuit; the longer the phone stays in the liquid, the more damage it will suffer. 2. Do not press the power button to turn on or charge. If the water is in the upper or lower part, you can throw the water out of the water according to the water inlet position and press the power button to turn on or charge. Do not turn on or charge. 3. Send the mobile phone to the repair point for cleaning and drying as soon as possible. The sooner the mobile phone is sent to the repair point after it is in the water, the higher the chance of good repair. Even if the phone can be turned on after being flooded, it should be sent to the repair point for cleaning. Don't take it lightly, lest the gains outweigh the losses. If it is not cleaned, it will cause harm: (1) If the moisture in the mobile phone is not completely dried, it may cause a short circuit on the motherboard during use. (2) Even if the water in the mobile phone has dried out, even if it is dropped in clean water, there will still be impurities remaining, causing the motherboard to oxidize and corrode and mold, and the sequelae of long-term use will increase. 4. Emergency treatment method. If the water enters at night, there is no way to send it for repair immediately. You can throw the water out according to the water inlet position (charging port or earphone hole, etc.), and then blow the phone with a hair dryer to the direction of the charging port or earphone hole. Do it and send it for repair the next day. The water in the Apple iPhone will be sent to the Apple Repair Center for processing as soon as possible. Professional cleaning and drying appliances can be used to clean the phone professionally. 1
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