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iPhone6 u200bu200bis too expensive, Apple 5S is reasonably priced at only 2280 yuan

by:YoukingTech     2021-08-13
The overall appearance of the iPhone 5s basically follows the shape of the previous generation iPhone, with the body size and thickness unchanged. Only in terms of color, iPhone 5s has three kinds of space gray, silver white and champagne gold, and this review model happens to be champagne gold. The first impression on the back is that the flash area has been obviously replaced with a dual LED flash, which is divided into two white and yellow ones, corresponding to the cold and warm colors. According to Apple's official introduction, these two flashes can combine more than 3000 exposure schemes according to the ambient light, greatly improving the quality of the flash. Although Apple’s new mobile phone has been on the market for three months, Apple’s iPhone5s is still a high-performance mobile phone with a high degree of attention, and the price is more than one thousand yuan lower than before the new product was launched. The distributor's Hong Kong version of Apple iPhone5S sells well in stock. Due to the launch of Apple iphone6, Apple 5s Hong Kong version A1530 and telecom version A1533 have directly reduced prices. Now merchants are carrying out zero-profit promotion activities. For this time, Guangcheng Mobile Monopoly iPhone 5S is limited to 1,000 units. 'The store supports physical store transactions, online transactions, and national cash on delivery. Service, payment after inspection, safe and assured (quality assurance brand new authentic). Tel: 156274090720755--33559072 Merchant QQ: 121589895 Special gift: (exquisite protective shell) + (HD protective film) + (dedicated) Card cutter) The most obvious upgrade of the iPhone 5s is that it is equipped with an Apple A7 processor. Its most dazzling convenience is that it is a 64-bit structure. As the first mobile phone equipped with a 64-bit architecture chip, the iPhone 5s is naturally Full of gimmicks. The A7 chip is based on ARM's ARM v8 design, and its instruction set supports AES and SHA-1/SHA-256 encryption operations. Apple uses its Touch ID biological control mechanism, and supports OpenGL ES 3.0 version, which has better graphics processing performance good.
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