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iPhone12 is more popular than iPhone11, and sales of mini have not met expectations!

by:YoukingTech     2021-09-03
Recently, a new report from the data agency CIRP describes the sales of iPhone series products. It can be seen from the figure that in the period from October to November after the release of the new generation of iPhones, the iPhone 12 series accounted for all iPhones. Most of the sales of the series reached 76% of the market share. Recently, a new report by the data agency CIRP describes the sales of the iPhone series. It can be seen from the figure that October to November after the release of the new generation of iPhone During this time, the iPhone 12 series accounted for most of the sales of the entire iPhone series, reaching a market share of 76%. In October 2020, Apple launched 4 brand new iPhones, namely the iPhone12mini with a 5.4-inch screen, the iPhone12 and iPhone12Pro with a 6.1-inch screen, and the iPhone12ProMax with a 6.7-inch screen. Among them, iPhone12 has the best sales, reaching nearly 30% of sales, followed by iPhone12Pro and iPhone12ProMax, each accounting for about 20% of sales. The sales of iPhone12mini did not meet expectations. Looking at the survey data, we can see that iPhone12mini only had about 6% of sales, which was even lower than the sales of the previous generation iPhone11 in the same period, which was quite different from the sales results predicted on the Internet before the launch. A well-known foreign analyst Mike Levin speculated that it was due to the price reduction of the previous generation iPhone 11 and the iPhone XR launched in 2018 which is still on sale, making these two models more attractive than the new generation iPhone 12mini. It can be seen that although the entire iPhone 12 series are sold Hot, but the sales of the iPhone12mini model are still relatively sluggish. iPhone12 is more popular with consumers than iPhone11. Although iPhone12 decided to cancel the random attachment of power adapter and EarPods before the release, it has caused a lot of controversy on the Internet, but from the actual sales, it seems that Internet public opinion has not been against the iPhone12 series. The sales have a big impact. Compared with the iPhone11 series accounted for 69% of all iPhone sales in 2019, iPhone12 sales are higher than iPhone11. Of course, we have to know that the four models of the iPhone12 series were released in two releases, which may have a slight impact on the statistical results. . Although Apple has caused many accusations on the Internet because of its 'environmental protection' public opinion, the iPhone 12 series is obviously more popular with consumers than the iPhone 11 series in terms of actual sales. In this regard, what is your choice? Should I choose the latest iPhone12 series or the previous generation iPhone11 series, or wait for the next generation iPhone13? Talk about your views.
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