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IPhone 9 high-definition renderings exposed, this is too disappointing

by:YoukingTech     2021-09-06
However, the back of the iPhone 9 is only equipped with a single camera. Although the look and feel is better than the dual camera of the iPhone X, the camera effect may be compromised. The renderings of the 3 new iPhones are not unexpected. The so-called iPhone 9 should be the legendary 6.1-inch new iPhone with LCD display. As shown in the above picture, it is rumored that Apple will launch three new iPhones of 5.8-inch, 6.1-inch and 6.5-inch this year. In addition to the LCD screen, the 6.1-inch iPhone will also have a wider screen frame (the picture is not accurate enough). Photographing and other aspects will also shrink, thereby reducing its price and satisfying the needs of more consumer groups. Although there are still about two months away from Apple's 2018 autumn conference, the news that three new iPhones will be launched at the same time has long been known to the world. However, the naming of the three new iPhones is still a mystery. For example, it is unknown whether Apple will continue the number naming rules. A few days ago, a high-definition rendering of the iPhone 9 appeared on a foreign website, which came from @apple_idesigner, who focuses on Apple product design drawings. iPhone 9? Although the iPhone 9 is a replacement model of the iPhone 8, Apple finally stopped squeezing toothpaste and replaced its overall design with the iPhone X style. Obviously, iPhone 9 will also adopt a full-screen design with bangs.
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