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iPhone 6s automatically restarts during night charging: What's the problem?

by:YoukingTech     2021-08-13
A few days ago, Fengyou cqdaidong shared his feedback with Apple’s official customer service that his iPhone 6s encountered the problem of automatic restart during night charging. He hopes that Fengyou who encounters the same problem can join the feedback team to attract Apple’s official attention. , Because if only a few people give feedback, it can only be regarded as a case, and it is difficult to report to higher-level technical departments.   Following the 'chip door' and camera freezes, many front-line friends said that their iPhone 6s/6s Plus encountered the problem of automatic restart during night charging. It has been nearly two months since Apple released the new flagship smartphone iPhone 6s/6s Plus. Although 3D Touch, Live Photo and other functions are indeed impressive, it has been followed by the 'chip door' and camera freezes. Afterwards, many Fengyou said that their iPhone 6s/6s Plus encountered the problem of automatic restart during night charging.  The Fengyou said that as long as his iPhone 6s is charged at night, it will automatically restart the next morning when he wakes up, because he found that he could not use Touch ID when he unlocked the phone in the morning, and he needed to re-enter the password to unlock it. He said that after disconnecting from the network, he occasionally encountered situations where there was no restart, but it was not 100% effective. It is worth mentioning that this Fengyou iPhone 6s will not restart no matter how it is charged during the day. In this regard, the editor of Zhuoyi Market deliberately checked the postings and messages of Fengyou, and found that many Fengyou said that their iPhone 6s/6s Plus encountered the problem of automatic restart at night. The specific situation is mainly divided into The following are:   -Turn on airplane mode, disconnect WiFi and restart-Only turn off WiFi and 4G cellular network and not restart-iOS 9.0.2 night charging and restart after jailbreaking. There are also the following guesses as to the cause of this problem: -The problem of the system version. Many front friends said that in addition to iPhone 6s/6s Plus, their iPhone 5s and even iPad Air2 encountered the same problem, and there was no automatic restart before the upgrade to iOS 9.1. However, in view of the fact that the problem of automatic restart of charging at night is not limited to iOS 9.1 devices, the possibility of this reason is not high.  -The problem of plug-ins installed after jailbreaking. Some jailbroken friends said that their devices automatically restarted after the control center plug-in CCSetting was installed, and they returned to normal after uninstalling.  - Hardware problem. Of course, we currently do not have sufficient evidence to prove that there is a problem with the hardware of the Apple device.  Finally, let’s talk about how to report the problems encountered by our device to Apple's official website:    1. Open Apple's official website and enter the feedback interface (portal).  2. Select iPhone.   3. Select battery, power supply and charging.   4. Select unexpected shutdown or restart.  5. Enter your email, and then open the email on your malfunctioning mobile phone.   6. The mail is shown in the figure. If you cannot open the diagnostic button on your phone, you can perform related operations through the Safari browser. 7. When you open the email on your mobile phone, complete the fault detection, and send the data back to Apple, you can click 'Start Check' on the webpage. After the check is passed, you can also choose whether to contact customer service by phone or chat online Contact customer service, if you choose to contact customer service online, you can directly open the dialog window.
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