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IPhone 6 second repair, the phone does not turn on

by:YoukingTech     2021-08-24
Methods/Steps#热# All my friends are shocked. Hello, everyone. I am a repairer. Today, I reposted the photos of the iPhone 6 second repair machine that did not turn on during the live broadcast yesterday afternoon. The first four pictures were previously repaired by others. , I turned on the motherboard and found a surprise. I didn’t turn it on at the beginning. However, I turned on my phone for the second time. I tested the phone function and turned on the WiFi function and found that the WiFi signal could not be searched. Also, the rear camera cannot be turned on, and the flashlight cannot be turned on. There is no sound when the WeChat voice is turned on and the speakerphone is turned on. After repairing, all functions of the tested mobile phone are OK. Another three years will not be a problem. If your love machine encounters all kinds of strange problems, please consult me u200bu200bas soon as possible! Friends have not paid attention to me yet, please pay attention to the repairer’s account as soon as possible. Why do you let everyone pay attention to me? The reason is simple. I like to make friends, love to learn, and like to communicate about mobile phone issues. You can also interact with each other. ! If you don’t follow me, you can’t contact me in time when you need me. 1
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