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IPhone 5 WLAN cannot be used troubleshooting tutorial

by:YoukingTech     2021-08-26
Posted on 04.30. An iPhone 5 mobile phone. When it was sent, it said that the water in the mobile phone has been treated and the WLAN cannot be used. Method/Steps Failure analysis: For the water-injecting machine, you need to focus on checking the water-inlet part. When the water-inlet machine is turned off, B+ is a continuous power supply state, so the water B+ is prone to corrosion. 1 Troubleshooting: Remove the motherboard and check the back side, and there are signs of corrosion on the shield under the WLAN module. Remove the shield and find that the two pads of XW 1802 RF are corroded without a trace, so take out the pads and short-circuit them with flying leads. , The boot failure is removed, WLAN is normal, and the component location diagram is shown in Figure 1. 2
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