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IPhone 5 screen no display failure repair case

by:YoukingTech     2021-08-26
Posted on 05.03 on an iPhone 5 mobile phone. When the machine was delivered, the user described that the phone did not fall into the water and the screen did not display. However, there was a sound when the phone called. But after changing the screen, it is still the same. Method/Steps Failure analysis: In view of the problems reported by users, it is recommended to check the display interface first to see if there is any corrosion problem. If there is no corrosion problem, check the power supply of the display screen. 1 Troubleshooting: After turning on the phone, check the display interface and find that there is no corrosion, so install the screen to check the display power supply, and find that the 1.8V power supply on the upper end of the FL27 is not in place. Use a multimeter to measure the FL27 is disconnected, and the display is normal after the short connection. The fault is eliminated . The component location diagram is shown in Figure 1. 2
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