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iPhone 13 will be equipped with OLED screen, new iphone battery life is expected to be enhanced

by:YoukingTech     2021-08-01
Apple’s supply chain partners have developed LTPO backplane related technology for iphone 13. Compared with the current low-temperature polysilicon (LTPS) technology, LTPO can further reduce the screen function by 15%, so it can make static picture power consumption Lower, dynamic high refresh rate and more power saving. The battery life of iphone mobile phones is often complained about. Compared with domestic brand mobile phones, not only the battery capacity is small, but also not durable. It is good to charge once a day, and some also charge a few times a day. Of course, this is also the same as everyone's mobile phone time. The length is related. It has recently been reported that Apple’s supply chain partners have developed LTPO backplane-related technology for the iphone 13. LTPO is the abbreviation of Low Temperature Polycrystalline Oxide, and the Chinese name is low temperature polycrystalline oxide. ) Technically, LTPO can further reduce the screen function by 15%, so it can lower the power consumption of static images, and the dynamic high refresh rate is more power-saving.   LTPO technology has been used on the fifth-generation Apple Watch. LTPO (Low Temperature Polycrystalline Oxide) is based on the previous LTPS, and then an oxide layer is laid. The refresh rate can be as low as 1Hz and does not affect the original display function. This is the key to the long-lasting display of Apple's sold watches. Its appearance also shows that Apple has completed the mass production of LTPO. Therefore, display screen industry analyst Ross Young believes that if Apple wants ProMotion dynamic refresh to be supported, LTPO is essential because it will allow variable refresh as low as 1 Hz when the device is inactive to optimize battery life. .   A new generation of OLED screens is advancing, and LTPO technology will bring a more power-saving backplane, which is responsible for turning on and off individual pixels on the display. Judging from the current situation, Apple will be the first to enjoy the new technology. The LTPO screen used in the new iPhone 13 can effectively enhance the battery life of the new iPhone and extend the battery life. That’s all for the information about the iPhone 13. If you have a mobile phone that needs repair, remember to find a lightning repair. After all, we are professional in repairing mobile phones.
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