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iPhone 12 will not come with earphones, netizens: If the earphones are gone, can the price be lower?

by:YoukingTech     2021-08-03
With the upcoming launch of the iPhone 12 series mobile phones, various news about this phone are also coming. This year’s iPhone 12 series of new phones may make an important adjustment, that is, cancel the random bundled wired earphone EarPods. Now It seems to be so.   With the upcoming launch of the iphone 12 series, various news about this phone have also spread. Previously, it was said that due to the impact of the epidemic and BOE’s failure to supply Apple with OLED screens, the iphone 12 may be delayed.   It is currently reported that Apple’s supply chain has been normalized in advance, and the re-normalization of production also allows Apple to successfully release the 5G version of iPhone 12 in September or October. More and more people are optimistic that Apple will launch the iPhone 12 in September and ship it in early October, which is consistent with the time when Apple usually releases a new iPhone.   But Apple may make an important adjustment in this year's new iPhone 12 series, that is, canceling the included wired earphone EarPods, which seems to be the case now.   News from Apple’s upstream industry chain shows that Apple did intend to cancel the wired earphone EarPods in the iPhone 12 series this year, and this will directly stimulate and drive the growth of AirPods sales. It is definitely a business that makes money without losing money. If Apple really does this, I don’t know what the user’s attitude will be, but it is certain that AirPods sales will soar. It is expected that AirPods sales will reach 85 million units in 2020, which is higher than the 65 million in 2019. Increase.   In addition, the latest report also shows that Apple may launch the iPhone 12 series as scheduled this year, which will include four models, namely iPhone 12, iPhone 12 Plus / Max, iPhone 12 Pro and iPhone 12 Pro Max. The entry-level iPhone 12 will be equipped with a 5.4-inch display, while the high-end model will be equipped with a 6.7-inch screen. The full line of products will be compatible with 4G and 5G. Although 5G is supported, at least one of the devices may be less than $1,000. This is the information about the iphone 12 series of mobile phones. If you have a mobile phone that needs repair, remember to find a lightning repair. After all, we are professional in repairing mobile phones.
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