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by:YoukingTech     2021-11-16
The Ipad screen, which is specially processed to prevent scratches and wear resistance, has a light transmittance of more than 95%. It has non-reflective enhancement of the color reproduction of the display and will not produce small noises, which will reduce the visual quality. The colorless and glue-free properties will not cause fogging or residual glue or degumming of the LCD screen. The original color can be reproduced completely, making it more comfortable to use. The surface is specially processed to prevent scratches and wear resistance. The treatment can make the maximum hardness of the front of the lens reach 4H, which can prevent scratches and impacts, which can effectively prevent the abrasion of the pen touch on the screen, and effectively protect the LCD screen. Ipad screen protection film is not easy to produce bubbles and can completely absorb the surface of the liquid crystal to prevent dust or oil from directly adhering to the surface of the liquid crystal, causing dirt and damaging the LCD panel. It can be pasted repeatedly without leaving any traces and does not corrode the surface. The ultra-thin concealed fit design will not damage the appearance of the LCD screen, nor will it affect the function of the touch panel of the tablet computer or PDA. Products are divided into: anti-fingerprint, anti-oil type; high permeability and anti-scratch type; matte type
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