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iPad screen||PET protective film|Material chemical structure common quality problems

by:YoukingTech     2021-11-13
Crystal points are also a common quality problem of PET protective film materials. Crystal points refer to the small pits on the surface of the protective film material, which are also called bright spots. It is mainly common on the three-layer PET protective film material. The main reason is that it is synthesized with silica gel. The silica gel has fluidity. If the surface of the protective film material encounters some small particles, it will form crystal points to avoid crystal points. The best way is to protect the surface of the protective film. The PET protective film material is transparent and colorless, and the surface has been hardened. According to the information provided by Enjue Protective Film Material Co., Ltd., general PET protective film materials have different surface hardening values u200bu200bbetween 3H-4H, and the surface is hardened. The better, the stronger its abrasion resistance. Rainbow pattern is a problem often encountered in PET protective film materials, because the surface of the PET protective film material has to be hardened, and the hardening has to be processed at a high temperature, so color stripes will be formed on the surface of the material.
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