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IOS10 is coming, hands-on experience

by:YoukingTech     2021-08-21
Since the release of IOS10 on 07.06, many friends want to see the new features of IOS10. I have an upgraded mobile phone here to discuss with you whether IOS10 has brought new changes in the user experience. Methods/Steps to unlock aspects. IOS10 unlock is used to unlock by pressing the home screen button, which is more convenient than the previous sliding unlock requirement, but if we set the fingerprint or password unlock, we still need to jump to the fingerprint password interface, so this change is essentially unchanged. 1 The iOS10 control center interface no longer covers the screen like iOS9 and previous systems, but has become a card-like living in the lower half of the screen. In addition to the addition of AirPlay, the other functions have not changed, but the position has been changed. The Night Shift has become an independent function option in the flashlight, calculator, camera and other functions, placed in the penultimate line of the control center, and the music playback function is a separate interface, and the left slide control Visible in the center. 2 iOS10 integrates the Widget widget originally located in the notification center in the Spolight interface, which makes IOS10 more leeway when designing the notification center. The application shows that the notification center of IOS10 is much cleaner than IOS9, and it does not seem so complicated. At the same time, the notification center of IOS10 also adds the function of searching apps. 3 For photos, open the iOS10 photo app and you can see that the bottom function bar has added memory and sharing functions. After clicking ''memoryThe avatar is associated with the relevant location. 4 Moreover, when we open the photo album, we can easily see that the classification method of photos has also been greatly changed compared to IOS9. Among them, the detailed classification of people, locations, videos, etc. is convenient for users to browse. 5 As mentioned in the previous manuscript, IOS10 has added the function of deleting the system's own application. This function has been reflected. Although it is not completely deleted, the icon and application can be hidden, which is also a good choice. 6
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