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by:YoukingTech     2021-06-26

Are you ready for to control pests? Maybe Yes, but this article Will give you the information you need to prepare your surroundings for the pest control service. These are quick and important tips so you'll be ready for when Brasil Pest Control arrives.

The preparations

1st Preparation - You know your surroundings better

During the phone contact or the visit, the Brasil Pest Control already obtains most of the necessary information to the service and they'll be printed in the 'Service Order' that the technician Will take to your residence in the Day of service.

In some cases, the service might have a peculiarity due to needs or wills of the client, in this aspect is important that you (the client) be proactive and inform these special treatments that your surroundings need so the service is well executed. For instance, if there is in your house a deposit room that stays closed for long periods of time, or there is a place that you know for sure that the infestation is larger, tell our attendants and technicians.

Our biggest worry is to give you the best quality possible at the pest control service, so it's very important that we know all the details.

2nd Preparation - Lets make these ants show up

Some pests don't expose them easily, but others are not shy at all if you have the right thing to attract them. To control ants it's interesting to leave food residues on the table or sink so they fell show up clearly. This will make the technicians job much easier because they need to know the routes of the ants so they can apply the poison gel on the right spots, making the service more efficient and effective.

It's not possible to make these kind of trick for other pests, but the technicians are well prepared for baiting and spraying in the correct places, no need to worry.

3rd Preparation - Cleaning is Best before the service

It's very common that people think is best to clean up the place after a pest control service, but the better option is the other way around. Clean the area to be treated before so the spray is in direct contact to the area, this will improve the product fixation and effectiveness. The places that will receive gel must also be cleaned so that the attractiveness of the product is at its maximum.

The belief that you have to clean up after a pest control service is that you need to extract the excess of poison. That is not necessary at all, our products crystallize over the surfaces after the water has dried up. At this point the safety is already secured.

We ask that the areas treated are given a rest of forty-eight hours, and if possible when cleaning up, use only a humid piece of cloth.

4th Preparation - Pets

If it's necessary to control pests in the area where your pet usually stays, you must take it to a different local on the day the Dedetizadora Brasil makes the service. Or you can just keep the pet in a separated area that is not going to be treated. After the water utilized for dilution of the product evaporates the pet can be released without any problems.

If you have cats at your place, remember to tell us in case you are having a problem with scorpions. The product we use to deal with this pest may cause nausea and other side effects to cats. But rest assured that the product we use in replacement will not hurt your kitten.

5th Preparation - For services on closets and wardrobes

For some services it's necessary to use products as sprays in internal parts of closets and wardrobes, such as services against moths or a very large infestation of ants and cockroaches.

If that's the case, these places must be empty before our technicians arrive in the place, to avoid any contamination.

6th Preparation - Let everybody know

When you pick a date ask if there is the necessity to leave the place empty after the service, and if it's the case for how long. After knowing this information share to your family or co-workers. Very often the lack of familiar and business planning ends up delaying the services or making impossible to treat all the areas on the scheduled day and time with the Dedetizadora Brasil.


With your help and preparation the pest control services can be more effective. Help us taking the needed measures to maximize the results of our services, in that way, we all end up winning.

Special Thanks

We hope that the article was helpful to you.

Best wishes,

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