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Inorganic fiber electrostatic protection touch supply, watch protection film manufacturer-glass protection film

by:YoukingTech     2021-11-02
High-performance inorganic fiber electrostatic protective film mainly refers to carbon fiber, 囲 fiber, carbonized fiber and alumina fiber. It is used for the reinforcement of resin, gold and ceramic matrix. Its high specific strength and specific mode make the composite material more than pure metal. Better physical properties, especially the composite material of carbon fiber and alumina fiber, plays an unparalleled role in military and space technology. Inorganic fiber electrical protective film can be roughly divided into three categories: single crystal fiber, short fiber and continuous fiber. According to its crystal phase, it can be divided into four types: single crystal, polycrystalline, amorphous and multiphase. Single crystal fiber is also called whisker. It has no lattice defects and has high tensile strength. It is an ideal material for high-strength composite materials and reinforcing materials, and does not affect its properties with temperature changes. Short fiber is a variety with more research and development, and it is also a variety with more types and dosages. It can be used as a light-weight material for heat insulation, sound insulation, and filtration. In today's society, we use a lot of them, and as they use more and more, People's requirements for it are getting higher and higher. The developed special protective film can be widely used in anti-counterfeiting packaging, such as some high-strength protective films, high-transparency protective films, low-fog protective films, etc. There is also an antistatic mobile phone protective film that is generally used in electrical products, such as computers, mobile phones and other telecommunications industries. Through more development, the heat-sealing protective film is produced, which is mainly used in the packaging market of fresh food and frozen food. There is a kind of label film on the market, which is derived from the heat-shrinkable protective film. There are many kinds of protective films. The purpose of each protective film is different. The protective film is closely related to our lives. In the market Occupies absolute demand.
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