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In the world of vaporizer, there are many Vaporizers

by:YoukingTech     2021-06-29

It is light weighted and small in size. This makes the user work easy and thus you get to use it any time. This device is more of less of the size of your mobile phone or even a cigarette box. But with the cigarette box, you have loads of disadvantages and it affects your lungs but vaporizers cool down your lungs with the vapours.

No More Wires, No More Batteries! Just Butane Gas

The best advantage of Iolite Vaporizer is that you can stop feeling ugly as you do not have wires and wires to carry as you move your way. This device works on butane gas which can be easily filled. Once filled, you can use it for more than two hours. With this, you can save on electricity charges as well. The warmness of the vaporizer is controlled and maintained.

This device is the most advanced and thus this is the advantage for the users. It can reach the optimum temperature within few minutes.You can heat up to 500gms of herbs with this Iolite Vaporizer. You can reuse the herbs but you will not be given the same effect. There is an internal sensor inbuilt in Iolite vaporizer that will shut down automatically so that you can use the same temperature next time when you use it. So you can choose your product as per your choice.

Iolite Vaporizers, Portable, Simple and Elegant!

If you own a small vaporizer is great and portable because it can be used anywhere and anytime because of the size. It is made portable, elegant in size and also easy. Iolite Vaporizer has created its own place in the market as one of the most popular and reputed portable vaporizer in the market. This vaporizer doesn't require a battery or a lighter as it runs on butane and is very easy to refill. The advantage of this vaporizer is that it can be used for long hours. You should use the at least triple refined butane for optimum use; the higher the level of butane refinement the better. But you don't have to worry about anything. You are completely safe. Butane conversion takes place in another chamber and that does not mix with the vapours you inhale. The best part about this vaporizer is that it does not take even minutes to reach the optimum temperature. It will maintain that temperature as long as it is 'ON'. It is small, much portable and reliable, it's offered in 9 different colours for you to pick up.

Some Of The Great Features Have Incorporated In This Vaporizer:

* Patented flameless butane catalytic heater with bi-metal thermostat just to make sure that the herbs are vaporized not burnt.

* You do not have to wait between inhales for heat up or cool down.

* It can store up to 500mg of herb and produce rich and flavourful vapours for more than 15 minutes.

* It's the simplest vaporizer in the market. You just have to switch it on and press the igniters and good to go. The butane fill will last about 2 hours of continuous vaporization.

The Iolite comes with complete package including a unique convenient movement case which can store the unit as you move, included replacement parts, and the optional comfort care package.

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