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In the famous competition between Samsung and Apple

by:YoukingTech     2021-07-14

The new Samsung Galaxy S4 is very similar to the previous version, the Samsung Galaxy S3. However, there are a few changes in design that are a bit subtle, but they make all the difference in the world. For example, the new Galaxy is a bit smaller and easier to handle using only one hand. Even though the size of the phone is very similar, the size of the screen is not. The new Galaxy has a bigger screen, which makes things much easier to see and use. Furthermore, the new Air Gesture introduced by Samsung is not available anywhere else. You can use your touch screen without actually touching the screen itself. It might sound a bit weird, but you can scroll from one picture to the next simply by waving your hand in front of the screen. The smartphone will do the scrolling for you.

The speed of processing, both hardware and software, that we have come accustomed to is just as good. The new Samsung Galaxy S4 is able to handle storage of from 15 up to 64GB internally. Additionally, it has a Micro SD card reader where you can insert the same sizes of SD cards. Furthermore, the resolution of this new Smartphone is of 1982x1080. The amazing part, aside from the great resolution and colors, is the fact that the black pixels are in fact switched-off pixels. Not only do they switch off completely, but they also save power.

If you are looking to compare the new Samsung Galaxy S4 with any other phone, you have your worked cut out for you. However, as a general review, you will realize that this phone beats just about any other phone in the market. Starting from the CPU, through the resolution, the new hardware and software all the way to the amazing new applications, you will be able to see that the Air Gesture and Smart Screen are what you have been looking for all along.

In conclusion, on your quest for finding the most optimal, user-friendly and advanced from a technological point of view, you should be looking for the Samsung Galaxy S4. This phone will not let you down, and it will, in fact, raise your expectations from any other smartphone that will come in the market in the near future. Start looking for this phone because you cannot even get bored just by looking through all of the amazing features that it has incorporated in its core. If you were wondering, this review says that this is the phone for you!

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