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In addition to Surface Phone, Microsoft is still building an Android phone?

by:YoukingTech     2021-08-14
However, in terms of mobile phone hardware, Microsoft only sells Galaxy phones in its stores. These phones are not really 'Microsoft customized' phones. Although it has the world's most valuable software, Office, it is a recognized fact that Microsoft has failed in the smartphone market. Then, how did the news come out this time? This rumor comes from Windows Latest, and the screenshot it provided is said to be a conversation between a Microsoft customer representative and a customer. The person said that Microsoft is developing a mobile phone that will use Android technology and sell it under its own brand. Although Microsoft itself does have the basics of mobile phone hardware design, it is hard not to think of Windows 10 Mobile, which was beaten by Microsoft, when such news comes out. Does this mean that this Windows 10 Mobile has been completely abandoned by Microsoft? ? In fact, in front of the two major camps of iOS and Android, Windows Phone has no place for a long time. Recently, there are rumors that Microsoft is developing a Surface Phone called 'Andromeda'. This phone is still in the development stage, and there are rumors that it will be launched next year. However, an even more incredible rumor is that Microsoft may be developing Android phones. Microsoft already has many programs that can be used on Android devices, such as Office applications, browsers, and its news applications. Windows 10 Mobile, which is currently under maintenance, will also end support in July 2019. One implication behind this is: in the PC era, Microsoft relied on Windows to dominate the world, but in the mobile Internet era, Microsoft has clearly fallen behind. And Microsoft's current efforts in the mobile field are mostly focused on providing applications and services to the iOS and Android platforms. Therefore, whether the rumors of Microsoft making Android phones are reliable remains to be confirmed. If the rumors are true, then this is likely to be Plan B that Microsoft made for its mobile hardware strategy. However, as a company focused on enterprise services, Microsoft is still strong in consolidating its own advantages, such as in the cloud computing market. Microsoft Vice President Gavriella Schuster said recently, “As far as the current three quarters are concerned, this year’s performance may be the best year in our history.” She emphasized that Microsoft’s Azure cloud service achieved 93% in the most recent quarter. Revenue growth. Investors also seem to support Microsoft. Microsoft's stock, like other tech giants Alphabet, Amazon, Apple, and Facebook, has continued to hit record highs in recent weeks. At present, the whole world is paying attention to Apple, Amazon, Alphabet, and Microsoft, who can reach the market value of 1 trillion US dollars first. Maybe we will have the answer soon.
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