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In 2020, the top ten brands in China's mobile phone repair industry were announced, and the lightning repair strength was elected! -Enterprise News-Lightning Repair Official Website-Free door-to-door, mobile phone repair

by:YoukingTech     2021-07-31
In the 'Top Ten Brands in China's Mobile Phone Repair Industry' selection activity that just ended in early May, the 'Lightning RepairElected and obtained the certificate of honor issued by the organizer The social evaluation of the company is an important criterion for judging whether the company is excellent. In the 'Top Ten Brands in China's Mobile Phone Repair Industry' selection activity that just ended in early May, the 'Lightning RepairWas elected and received a certificate of honor issued by the organizer:    It is understood that the selection activity was jointly sponsored by the China Quality Certification Supervision and Administration Center and the China Enterprise Credit Evaluation Center, and was carried out in the form of online voting. There were dozens of brands participating and the competition was very high. It is fierce, and being able to be selected as a company is naturally highly recognized by all sectors of society. Sudden Fix was established in 2015. The company's full name is Shenzhen Sudden Fix Network Technology Co., Ltd. It is a pioneering O2O model 3C device on-site service platform in China. It has a leading mobile phone repair technology team in China, mainly providing consumers with a Station-based mobile phone repair service. As a member of the Shenzhen Service Industry Association, we are committed to creating a service benchmark in the mobile phone home repair industry. At present, there are many brands of mobile phone home repair. Some brands rely on existing channels to expand mobile phone home repair business. The brand is well-known; some brands have been established for a long time and have more users. It stood out from the crowd and was successfully selected as one of the 'Top Ten Brands in China's Mobile Phone Repair IndustryLightning Repair adheres to the corporate mission of 'Let efficient service create social value'. Through its own LBS big data service platform, it focuses on mobile communication terminal after-sales service, and provides users with convenient and fast mobile phones through door-to-door repair and online repair. Maintenance service is an outstanding performance of the national industrial transformation policy in the maintenance industry and a pioneer in the mobile Internet + maintenance industry. Users can make appointments for mobile phone repair through multiple channels such as the Lightning Repair official website, Lightning Repair APP, Lightning Repair on-site mobile phone repair and recovery official account, WeChat Mini Program, etc. The system will respond within 10 minutes after the user places the order, and the engineer within 1 hour On-site, within 30 minutes can easily help the customer to solve the mobile phone failure. Lightning Repair will continue to improve its services and strive to build a more professional, safe and convenient mobile phone repair service platform. Up to now, Lightning Repair has opened door-to-door mobile phone repair services in more than 40 first- and second-tier cities such as Beijing, Shanghai, Guangzhou, Shenzhen and Hangzhou. Users in these cities can place an online order and make an appointment with an engineer to handle mobile phone failures:    For some others that cannot provide on-site services City, Lightning Repair and SF Express work closely to provide users with solutions for postal repair. Users only need to mail the faulty equipment to the Lightning Repair Service Center by SF Express, and it can be quickly returned within 72 hours at the shortest. After years of precipitation, Lightning Repair has a strong reputation for user services, has served more than 10 million C-end users, and has extensive and stable cooperation resources. Currently, it has cooperated with Vanke Property, China Merchants Property, COFCO Real Estate, Urban Property, China Merchants Bank, DJI Innovations and major shopping malls have formed a long-term and stable promotion cooperation relationship. In 2020, Lightning Repair will continue to move forward, using the large ready-made team of professional engineers and high-quality user word-of-mouth customer base to improve business. Taobao, Tmall, JD and other e-commerce platforms will follow-up online maintenance service appointments, and continue to expand business channels , To form an integrated industrial chain integrating production, sales, and after-sales, in order to build a leading domestic enterprise brand, and let Lightning Repair gradually move towards internationalization.
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