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I think that everybody have gadgets that are very useful

by:YoukingTech     2021-06-15

Sensual,unique,elegant designed EVC phone for distinguished and distinctive use of's attractive many people , it's can be connected to the host without having to make or receive calls premise. with extraordinary,innovative ideas, EVC quad band mobile Phone achieve superior functionality, suitable for daily portable use.

EVC Phone is quad-band mobile phone, has many characteristics can not be copied: a unique wallpaper, video and ringtones created tailor the interface and all features are cleverly integrated characteristics, its ultra-thin touch screen cellphone.It's also support signal frequencies working networks in the's also support dual cameras and free analog TV,so you can take high picture and any TV program. because they support JAVA technology, so the game can be downloaded or online games and other players.

Replacement of the unique rejection screen MP3 songs feature original rejection screen function .So the typequad band phone have full function in place, you must like it.

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