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I recently had a customer come in because he accidentally

by:YoukingTech     2021-06-16

The reason Apple charges so much for this repair is because they replaced the entire top portion of the MacBook, the whole display assembly. This repair is much faster and easier than replacing just the LCD.

Luckily, he came into iComputer and asked us to do the repair. Our certified technicians were able to replace just the LCD in the same day and we charge $199 for the MacBook screen replacement parts and labor included, this is obviously significantly cheaper than the Apple store. Boy, did we have one happy customer!! Our customer was so happy he insisted on treating the entire iComputer staff to hamburgers and drinks!! A happy ending to a traumatic experience for our customer with the broken MacBook screen, we love these kinds of stories and they are many with iComputer's top-notch computer repair service for Apples and PCs.

Give us a whirl! You can call 720-253-0092 for estimates or questions and many of our computer repair prices are on our website:

Also, to schedule for a same day repair please visit our website:

One of the most common issues that Mac users run into that result in the need for immediate repairs that can't be put off involve the MacBook Pro LCD screen. Though these screens are built strong and are built to last they can often times become damaged or simply malfunction. When this happens you will have no other choices but to seek out MacBook LCD replacement or repair so that you can get back to using your MacBook.

If you don't have weeks to wait for these repairs and don't have an Apple products service center in your area you may need to seek out a MacBook LCD replacement specialist to which you can send in your MacBook for immediate repair. The majority of the time these services that specialize in mail-in MacBook Pro LCD screen replacements can turn around and have your MacBook LCD replacement taken care of in a few simple days. This will allow you to quickly get back to using your MacBook with limited delay.

One such company that you can rely on for MacBook Pro LCD repairs and replacement is iComputer. When it comes to MacBook Pro LCD repairs iComputer is by and far one of the best and most affordable options that you have to choose from. Additionally, iComputer can have your MacBook Pro LCD replacement taken care of in limited time.

If you are in need of immediate MacBook LCD replacement then you should immediately consider the use of iComputer. They are by and far the most professional, efficient, and affordable provider of MacBook LCD replacement services in the United States. That is why more and more MacBook owners are turning to MacBook the moment that they begin to experience issues with their Apple products.

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