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I lost my phone, I should do it right away

by:YoukingTech     2021-08-24
It was posted shortly before 07.29. An owner in Yongjia, Wenzhou, lost his mobile phone and reissued his phone card in time, but Alipay was transferred away for 45,000 yuan. Did you know? Some criminal gangs resell mobile phones to crack the passwords of mobile phones, Alipay, and WeChat wallets. With the arrival of the cashless society dominated by mobile payment, how can we ensure the safety of our mobile phone property? Methods/Steps Don’t be lazy, quickly set the lock screen password and fingerprint verification for the mobile phone, and pass [Settings]-[Touch ID] u0026 Password] Set up password and fingerprint verification. 1 It is recommended not to store ID card and bank card photos in mobile phones and iCloud. 2 If the phone is lost, it is recommended to activate the lost mode immediately and protect the Apple ID. Beware of all phishing pages to defraud Apple ID. Log in to your iCloud account-[Find My iPhone]-[All Devices]-Select the name of the lost device-[Lost Mode], so that users basically cannot use your mobile phone. 3 You need to unbind or freeze your Alipay account and WeChat account. Unbind Alipay account: dial 95188 to unbind Alipay; freeze Alipay account: log in to Alipay account-'Security Center'-Emergency Services-'Quick Loss Report'. Log in to the Tencent Security Center to freeze the account. Or open WeChat-Me-Settings-Account and Security-WeChat Security Center-Freeze account. 4 Report the loss of your mobile phone card and call the bank to freeze the online banking. 5 When using payment tools, try not to use public computers and free WiFi, which can easily cause personal information to be leaked. 6
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