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Huawei Nova's first-generation flagship, now the price has dropped to 899 yuan, netizens: Because of nova3?

by:YoukingTech     2021-08-19
In terms of configuration, Huawei nova is equipped with Qualcomm 625, which is still being released in 2018. This is a processor called God U. It has been released many times and is basically polished by major manufacturers. The Huawei nova is the first batch of polished models. The 14nm process Snapdragon 625 plus the combination of 4G and 64G memory, daily use is still OK. When Huawei Nova was released, the high-end 4G+64G version was priced at 2,399 yuan. At present, in some high-quality second-hand channels, such as looking for a cool phone, the price of Huawei nova is 899 yuan, which has become a hundred yuan machine. To sum up, although Huawei's nova series has basically been out of touch with the term 'price-performance ratio' since its birth, it has an exquisite appearance and good photos. Now it is a very good choice at the price of a hundred yuan machine. Huawei's nova series has always focused on taking pictures of beauty and taking the route of youthful fashion. Recently, the third-generation nova3 of Huawei's nova series, and Yi Yang Qianxi as its global spokesperson, affected by the release of nova3, Huawei's first-generation nova has dropped to freezing point, so today I will introduce you the first nova mobile phone. On September 1, 2016, Huawei released the nova series on the eve of the exhibition in Berlin, Germany. This is a new series that tries a brand-new design style, and puts effort into taking pictures, video and audio entertainment. The first model in this series is Huawei nova. First, let’s talk about the appearance. Huawei nova adopts an elegant and slim design. The front of the fuselage uses 2.5D glass. The overall fuselage thickness is only 7.1mm, and the fuselage weight is only 146g. The compact and flexible fuselage brings good grip. Experience.
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