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Huawei Nova 3 is hot offline: Primrose Gold and Blue Jacaranda become the main force this summer

by:YoukingTech     2021-08-17
According to the information currently available, in addition to the classic bright black, Huawei nova 3 mainly provides three high-value and refreshing colors: blue jacaranda purple, primrose gold, and light blue The grass gold and the light blue are bright and eye-catching, youthful and fashionable. They not only bring bursts of coolness to the hot summer, but also fit the youth positioning of the nova series. They will definitely become a bright and fashionable landscape in this hot summer. In terms of configuration, Huawei nova 3 is not inferior. The machine will be equipped with Kirin 970 AI smart chip, a 6.3-inch full screen, 6GB memory and 128GB body storage, 24 million high-definition four cameras, rear 24 million + 16 million pixel AI dual camera, equipped with GPU Turbo revolutionary graphics Acceleration technology also supports all-weather face recognition. Such a stunning appearance, coupled with the top-level configuration of the flagship, is favored by young people, naturally there is no doubt. The machine will be officially released on July 18, and it is still in hot appointments. If you are interested, hurry up and get started. Recently, Huawei nova 3 has officially opened pre-sales, and the number of reservations on Huawei Mall and major third-party platforms has been increasing. Online is popular, and offline is also attracting attention. Due to the strength of the traffic niche Yiyan Qianxi, and the official continued warm-up promotion of the machine, the machine has a very high popularity, and many users, especially young users, are very curious about this summer hot flagship. Heart, one after another went to the store for actual experience. On the one hand, it shows the appeal and influence of the popular idol among young people, on the other hand, it also deeply reflects the strength of this unlisted flagship. After the observation of the editor, the crowd who came to actually experience this 'high-value, self-portrait' flagship in the summer, really dominated by young consumers, which is inseparable from the brand positioning of Huawei Nova, which focuses on young fashion. . Judging from the official poster of Huawei nova 3, the phone adopts a high screen-to-body ratio notch design. The streamer texture on the back looks youthful and full of vitality. With the extremely refreshing and beautiful high-value color matching, the nova is fully maintained. Series of young and fashionable design styles. The editor also noticed that among the users who came to the offline store for the actual experience, everyone was particularly interested in the primrose gold color and blue jacaranda gradient color, and the online booking situation also confirmed this point. In case of accident, these two color schemes will be the main sales force in all four color schemes.
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