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HTC HD7 is the most legit handset which runs on

by:YoukingTech     2021-06-14

The HTC HD7 cell phone is one of the latest smartphones focused on the entertainment sector to be released by technology . Available since October 2010, the HTC HD7 reflects a combination of the efforts of HTC and software giant Microsoft to create a smartphone optimized for people who want as much entertainment as possible without losing the basic functionality of their smartphones. As a result, the HTC HD7 offers a number of features geared toward both work and play, but with an emphasis on play.

So, do you own a HTC HD7 smartphone? Then you need some accessories that could change your mobile to a fashionable and protective one. Here is the list of few accessories, which I think is the most-wanted one;

HTC HD7: Most Required Accessories for HTC HD7

1). Shield Skin Screen Protector: This provides an ever lasting protection to your mobile and it also adds an extra contraction to mobile phone display.

2). Bluetooth Headphone: This allows you to answer your calls without touching the phone.

3). Replacement Battery: This is an very useful accessory that will help you not to miss any calls when power is low, you can simply remove the original battery from your mobile and fix this battery to your mobile, now your mobile is fully charged.

4). USB Cable: This helps you to connect your mobile phone to your PC and helps you to transfer your data from mobile phone to PC and vice versa.

5). Portable Conference Speaker: This is a portable speaker that allows you to hear songs and watch videos with high pitch sound effects.

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