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How to view red envelope records for Apple 6

by:YoukingTech     2021-08-21
Posted on 06.26 As we know now, WeChat red envelopes have entered thousands of households and have almost become an indispensable daily economic tool. Wechat red envelopes are sometimes used for errands, collections, transactions, and even AA meals and settlements. Of course, it is more for gifts or greetings between friends. At this time, red envelopes are more. So how do you check your red envelope records and know how much you have sent and received? Today, the editor will come to talk to everyone. Method/Steps First, we go to the homepage, find our WeChat software, and then click to enter WeChat. 1 Then, enter the main page of WeChat, there are four options at the bottom, namely: WeChat, Contacts, Discover, Me. We click on the last 'I' to enter the general settings page. 2 Ok, after entering, you will see your own avatar at the top. When you look down, you will find an option for 'wallet'. We click on this option to enter the WeChat wallet. 3 In the WeChat wallet, there are many options for change. There is a red wallet icon at the bottom of the middle, which says WeChat red envelope. We click on WeChat red envelope. 4 After entering, you will see the option to send red envelopes, but don't worry, we look at the upper right, and we click on it that says 'My red envelopes'. 5 After clicking, there will be two options below, one is the red envelope sent, the other is the red envelope received, we can check it according to our own situation, for example, click 'received red envelope' 6 This way, we will see us Receive the complete record of the red envelope, then the red envelope sent out is the same. 7 Click on the red envelope issued, and you will see the record of your red envelope issued. 8
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