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How to use voice message for iPhone 6S/6S Plus

by:YoukingTech     2021-08-27
The voice message function can be used after the IOS system is updated to 9.2 posted on 05.19. This function has been activated abroad, but the domestic one has just begun, and it is currently only available to mobile users. So I will teach you how to use the voice message function of Apple 6S/6S Plus today. Method/Steps We open the phone function on the main interface; (the label is wrong in the picture, it should be the third one, everyone knows, wrong hand) 1 The last option of the phone function is voice message, let's click it, here we need to set a password , Click Set Now 2 and enter the voicemail password, the password is the one we just set. 3 Enter the voicemail password again, and click Finish. 4 Then we receive a text message that the iPhone voicemail has been activated successfully. The trial period is 30 days. When the phone cannot be connected, we will ask the other party to leave a message. 5 Then return to the voice message, we received a message from the little secretary, you can listen to it. 6 At this time, if we cannot answer the phone, the other party can leave a message. After our mobile phone runs normally, we will receive the message from the other party. Click to collect. 7 Then start playing the other party's message. 8 After listening to the other party's message, we can click on the answering language in the upper left corner. 9 In this way, the answering language can be set as the default or customized. 10
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