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How to use the screen recording function of vivo X6? Screen recording tutorial

by:YoukingTech     2021-08-22
Posted on 09.01 The screen capture and screen recording functions we use daily, usually need to use third-party software to achieve, but in fact, in vivo X6 mobile phone, the system comes with this function by default, and the user can turn on all operations in the phone write it down. However, most of the vivo X6 mobile phone users don’t know how to use it, so I have compiled a detailed operation method for everyone! Methods/Steps First, pull up from the bottom of the screen to enter the [Control Center] interface. You can find [Super Screenshot] on the page and click to enter, as shown in the figure below. 1 Then we will find that the various functions of super screenshots have been called up, such as long screenshots, rectangular screenshots, interesting screenshots and screen recording. At this time, we can click [Screen Recording] to start recording the screen, as shown in the figure below. 2 Next, we see a red dot on the screen page, or pull down the screen to bring up the notification bar to see the red button, click to stop the screen recording, as shown in the figure below. 3 If we want to have sound during screen recording, then we can enter the phone settings to find the super screenshot option, and turn on [Record Sound] on this page as shown in the figure below. 4 Through the above operation methods, we can learn the screen recording function of vivo X6. In the article, we can see that the operation of this function is not complicated. Users only need to learn this operation flow to turn on and use this function. After the recording is completed, you can check the recorded functions through the album! 5
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