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How to use iPhoneSE multi-person call?

by:YoukingTech     2021-08-22
It’s been a while since Apple’s iPhone SE was launched on 10.06. Many users may know that multiple people can call when making calls, but they don’t know how to use multiple calls when making calls. The following is the editor of to bring you how to use Apple iPhoneSE multi-person call. The specific method is as follows: Method/Step First, we turn on the phone, click the [Phone] icon, and click to enter. 1 Enter the number or select a contact in the address book, and click [Call] to call. 2 When the call is connected, we can click [Add call]. 3 After opening it, you can select another contact to make a call again. At this time, you can click [Merge Call] or [Exchange] to realize a three-way call. 4
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