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How to use iPhone compass? Compass tutorial

by:YoukingTech     2021-08-26
Posted on 05.05 iOS system application to the iPhone mobile phone has made it have a very powerful function, of which the compass function is a very useful function. Today we will take a look at how to use the compass function in the iPhone. Methods/Steps The user finds the [Tools] option folder in the desktop options of the iPhone (the general compass function is in the 'Tools' folder, but it can also be different according to personal settings, users should find it by themselves). 1 After the user finds and clicks the [Compass] option, the user first performs the [calibration] processing of the compass function. 2 The operation of [Calibration] is to hold the phone horizontally, and then slightly rotate the screen around to make the small dots on the screen move around. 3 After completing the [Calibration] operation, the user enters the compass interface. Here, users can see detailed information about their coordinates such as latitude and longitude. 4 Other functions of the compass: measure the angle of direction. 5 The way to measure the angle of the direction with the compass is to select a direction first, tap the screen with your finger, and turn the phone direction when the pointer turns red. 6
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