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How to use Didi Taxi on iPhone6sPlus

by:YoukingTech     2021-08-24
Posted on 04.23 Now, many friends are using Apple smart phones. Now it is more and more convenient to travel. Even at home, you can make phone appointments or use the software to order a car. Then today, I will share an experience with you. Teach you how to use the mobile phone software to call the car. Method/Steps After logging in to the software app, the system will give a prompt. Don't pay attention to it, just click I know. 1 But in the pop-up option of allowing the use of location, you must click Allow, otherwise you will not be able to be accepted if you cannot locate it. 2 After determining whether you want a private car or a taxi, click the first text box below to enter the address. 3 Enter your destination. If your positioning is good, the system will default to your neighborhood or a place with a more iconic building. 4 After confirming, return to the previous interface and click on the location of the terminal. 5 Enter the destination you want to go to. 6 If you use an express train and there is no nearby, you can choose a taxi option. Generally, as a second- and third-tier city, taxis are generally easier to call than express trains. 7 After confirming, click Call Taxi below. 8 If you are using the software for the first time, you need to enter your mobile phone number so that the driver can contact you in time and facilitate communication. 9 This is the same as when you register. If you have a coupon or cash coupon, it will go to your account and you can see it and use it as a fare. 10
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