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How to turn on the dot function in Apple SE

by:YoukingTech     2021-08-25
Posted on 04.26 Friends who use Apple mobile phones know that Apple mobile phones have very few button functions. If it is the first time to use Apple mobile phones, they will be uncomfortable. However, the Apple mobile phone has a small dot function, this small dot is called Assistive Touch. The editor will introduce how to turn on the small dot Assistive Touch function on the iPhone SE. Method/Steps Turn on the phone, click the round button under the phone to enter the main screen, and click the setting button on the main screen to enter the setting interface. 1 After entering the setting interface, pull down on the screen, there is a general button, click General to enter the general setting interface. 2 After entering the general setting interface, click Accessibility. 3 After entering the auxiliary function interface, pull down the interface and you can see an AssistiveTouch. On the right is the status of this function on or off. Click to enter the setting to turn on or off the function. 4 After entering the setting to turn on and turn off AssistiveTouch, the green one indicates the state of being turned on. If you need to turn it off, click the green button to turn it off. 5 Customize the top menu. This function is the default function when you click the small dot. You can put some commonly used menus into the first level according to your own usage habits, which is convenient to use. 6
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