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How to turn on app access restriction on Apple 6

by:YoukingTech     2021-08-20
Posted on 06.22 Now there are more and more programs, and more and more mobile phone pictures, privacy needs to be protected, but sometimes the power-on lock screen password does not completely protect our app content from being read by others. At this time, we You can consider the function of access restriction. Method/Steps First, on the front page of the screen, we open the gray setting button that usually needs to be opened when we need to set it. 1 After opening, pull down, if it is a new system, under 'Do Not Disturb Mode2 Look in the list, there is an item called 'Access Restriction3 The access restriction function is turned off by default. If we want to use it, it must be turned on first. After entering, if it is the first time setting, click to turn on access restriction. 4 At this time, we need to authenticate our identity. If other people cannot use this function, we enter the password to protect the app that needs to be restricted and the access restriction will be turned on accordingly. 5 At this time, in the app below, which item we open will require password access, and then the correct access restriction will be successfully opened. 6 This is how you set it up, have you learned it? If you have any questions, please directly ask questions on, and we will answer them for you one by one. 7
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