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How to turn on and use Apple 6 low battery mode

by:YoukingTech     2021-08-20
After posting on 06.21 IOS9.0, Apple’s control of the battery power of the mobile phone has changed, from the previous single mode to the normal lighting and low battery mode today. Today I will show you how to turn on and off the low battery mode. And some common knowledge. Method/Steps First, we find the settings on the main screen, click to enter 1 and then drag the slide bar to find the battery at the bottom, enter 2 to enter the battery, we see the low battery mode at the top, and then turn on the button, you can see the top The battery mark turns yellow, which is the sign that the low battery mode is turned on. 3 Of course, it’s easy to turn it off. You can turn it off directly from the button. 4 The low battery mode will stop some special effects on the screen, stop software updates, email sending and receiving, and background. Refresh the program, so everyone should use it with caution. However, the sending and receiving of WeChat messages will not be affected. 5 Below you can see our apps with the most electricity. If you are free, you can increase or decrease it as appropriate. 6 Pull to the bottom to see the longest standby time in the battery mode. You can determine your mobile phone usage time based on this data after charging. 7 Of course, in low battery mode, the lock screen time will become 30 seconds and cannot be changed. 8
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