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How to turn on and off the child mode on Mi 4/4C mobile phones?

by:YoukingTech     2021-08-22
Posted on 09.05. For users with bear kids, they will always accidentally touch some applications when they play with their mobile phones, causing the phone to be deducted for unwarranted phone bills and other problems. Mi 4/4C mobile phones include a child mode, which is also a major feature in the upgrade of the kernel system of Mi mobile phones to MIUI7, but there should be many users who are not aware of this function, so the editor of will introduce you Here is how to turn on the child mode of Mi 4/4C mobile phones. Method/Steps First, the user finds the [Settings] menu in the mobile phone, and clicks to add to the mobile phone setting interface. 1 Find and click [Children Mode] in the 'Settings' menu to enter. 2 In the 'child mode3 At this time, we can also set the mobile phone applications that are allowed to run when the child mode is turned on, and users can set them according to their own needs. 4 After the setting is completed, we will see that some of the application functions in the phone have disappeared, replaced by related applications allowed by the 'fourth step' setting. 5 After turning on this function, what should I do if I need to turn it off? If the user wants to turn off the child mode, we can click the [Exit] button at the bottom of the phone screen. 6 At this time, the phone will pop up to enter the password, the password here is the same as the password of the original unlock screen! 7 After entering the correct password, the user finds the [button] behind [Child Mode] in the menu, and sets it to be closed To exit the child mode. 8
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