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How to turn off the sound of the camera on Redmi?

by:YoukingTech     2021-08-27
Posted on 05.14 Sometimes, in a quiet public place, I suddenly want to take a selfie or want to take a photo, but the sound of the camera breaks the quiet environment and disturbs others. It’s not good, so today I will teach you How to turn off the focus sound of the Redmi phone's camera. Method/Steps Turn on the phone, enter the main interface, then find the 'camera' icon, select the camera, and click to enter. 1 After entering the camera, click the list bar on the right to enter the setting interface. 2 Under the shooting function settings, select camera sound. Generally, the camera sound is turned on by default, and all we have to do is turn off the camera sound. 3 Click once on the orange button to the right of the camera sound to turn off the camera sound, and the button will turn gray. 4 Click Open to save the geographic location information, and you can also view the geographic location of the photo. 5
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