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How to transform the signal of the mobile phone into digital display

by:YoukingTech     2021-08-20
Posted on 06.22 In general, operators will use the shape of a triangular tower to indicate the strength of the mobile phone signal. The more grids, the stronger the signal. Otherwise, the signal is weak. Is there any way to display the signal in numbers? Of course there are, and the previous method is also on a trial basis for Apple. Today, I will take Apple as an example to tell you the specific method of setting. Method/Step First, we open the call button on the homepage, which is the dialing interface. 1 Then on the dial button, note that it is the same as a normal call, press the symbol: *3001#12345#*, and then directly press the call button. 2 After pressing call, the Field test interface will appear, which is a half-white screen display interface. At the same time, the specific signal value will appear in the upper left corner. 3 At this time, long press the phone's power button, which is the lock screen button we often call, and wait for the shutdown screen to appear. 4 Press and hold the Home button at the same time until the shutdown slider disappears, and the screen will return to the home screen interface. After the operation is completed, the upper left corner of the phone screen will always display the value of the signal strength, instead of changing into the previous shape of the signal tower. 5 If you want to switch the signal number and shape, just click on the number to complete. 6 For the meaning of numbers, we don't need to grasp the specifics, only the corresponding signal strength. That is: the signal between 40~-50 is near the base station; the signal between -50~-60 is very good; the signal between -60~-70 is good; the signal between -70~-80 is slightly weak;- The signal between 80 and -90 is weak; below -90 is the basic communication state. 7 It's that simple, have you learned it? 8
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