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How to take screenshots of OPPO R9

by:YoukingTech     2021-08-22
Posted on 08.26 OPPO officially released the OPPO R9 smartphone in March of this year. It inherits OPPO's powerful camera beauty function, and has been well improved in configuration and function methods. Therefore, when users buy new phones, they often don’t know how to take screenshots, so now the editor provides you with the OPPO R9 screenshot screenshot method, let’s take a look! Method/Step OPPO R9 screenshot method one: shortcut keys. As an Android phone, OPPO R9 also supports [power button] + [volume-key] combination shortcut keys to take screenshots. First of all, we need to press the power button and volume-key at the same time on the interface where we need to take a screenshot, then we can realize the shortcut key screenshot. 1 OPPO R9 screenshot method two: three-finger screenshot. A personalized three-finger screenshot function is also added to the system. The specific operation method is to enter Settings -> Gesture Somatosensory -> Bright Screen Gesture -> Turn on 'Three-finger ScreenshotAfter enabling this function, you can swipe up and down with three fingers on any interface to quickly take a screenshot. 2 OPPO R9 screenshot method three: long screenshot, free screenshot. Sometimes I need to take a screenshot of a complete web page. What should I do? OPPO R9 can support long screen capture. For example, in a mobile browser, to take a screenshot of the entire web page, the long screen capture function is very useful. On the interface where you need to take a screenshot, press and hold [Power Key] + [Volume Up Key] at the same time, about 3 seconds to enter the screenshot state, and then select the long screenshot. 3 In addition, after taking a screenshot of any interface that needs to be taken, open the drop-down shortcut menu at the top, and then click the 'Edit' icon to adjust and edit the screenshot, which is equivalent to a processed free screenshot, as shown in the figure below. 4
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