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How to solve the problem that QQ cannot send voice?

by:YoukingTech     2021-08-27
Posted on 05.17 recently, I don’t know why the QQ voice can’t be sent, which makes me have a headache every day when typing. Next, I’ll share the method with a friend who is connected with my illness. Because my mobile phone is a Meizu mobile phone, so take this as an example. Method/Steps When I turn on the mobile phone QQ to send voice, a pop-up permission prompts me that there is no sound in the microphone. 1 Find the security center on the interface of the mobile phone, click to enter, if you have installed the QQ security center or 360 security guards, you can also. 2 After entering the Security Center, click Permission Management. 3 After entering the self-starting option interface, select the four port graphics on the lower right corner of the phone. 4 Click QQ permissions or QQ Security Center (other software you installed). 5 Then, select the call and local recording options, and click to select Allow. 6 Open the QQ software, try to send a voice, if there is no pop-up dialog box to prove that the setting is successful. Lol 7
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