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How to shoot different foods with mobile phones?

by:YoukingTech     2021-08-27
Posting on 05.17 to show delicious food, it seems that it has become a favorite of many people! It seems that it has become a habit to take pictures every meal. Looking at the mouth-watering food photos taken by others, I can't help but want to try shooting them. But how do you use your mobile phone to take pictures of food to make people want to eat? The following editor will give you a detailed explanation. . . The first method/step is the shooting angle. For foods with distinctive characteristics (such as clear materials or production methods), it is recommended to shoot close-ups. The angle is 45 degrees from the top side, which is perfect Present the color and smell of food, making readers more attracted. 1 There is another angle that we look down from above the dining table. Food photos from this angle often give people a feeling of beauty and make people yearn for things. It's just that such an angle places high requirements on the photographer, and the layout of the entire desktop should be symmetrical and beautiful. 2 There is also horizontal viewing angle shooting. This shooting method is suitable for stacked and layered foods (such as green onion cakes, hand cakes, etc.) with cluttered backgrounds (the cluttered background can be blurred, and we can focus on shooting. food). 3 When appropriate, try to add human elements to the photos as much as possible, and you will receive unexpected results. For example: the small mouth that a child just opened, the slowly melting ice cream in his hand, etc. The addition of people will make the photos more vivid or more memorable. 4 Also, when you cook at home, it is not only the finished product of the food, but also the material preparation and the key nodes in the production process of the food. You can take pictures with your mobile phone at hand. With the finished picture, it is more 'rich and colorful'. 5 The color matching of food is also very important. Don't always use a single color. You must learn to use contrasting colors to match food photos. There is also a good photo of a snake. You can use the image beautification software on your mobile phone to correct the color. , The effect will be better. 6
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