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How to set WeChat sports on vivo Xplay5?

by:YoukingTech     2021-08-28
Posted on 05.24 How to set up WeChat sports on vivo Xplay5. Recently, I saw many users asking that vivo Xplay5 does not support WeChat sports. Here is a special explanation to everyone. This phone fully supports WeChat sports. Let me tell you how to start the WeChat campaign of vivo Xplay5. Let’s learn together if you don’t know how to do it! Methods/Steps Follow the WeChat campaign official account, and then open the chat interface. Select [More] in the bottom menu column. 1 After entering the [More] interface, then select the [Settings] option. 2 After entering, you will see many options. The first one, you must turn on the recording of exercise data, otherwise it is useless. certainly. If you have a sports bracelet. You can open iah here, connect the sports bracelet via Bluetooth to record, otherwise it will record via mobile phone by default. 3 There is the last one. If you are using your mobile phone to record, you must turn it on. If you use a sports bracelet to record, this can be turned off. The third one is that the daily ranking will be pushed to you, starting at around 10.30 in the evening. All right. Once all set up, you can start your ranking competition. 4 The vivo Xplay5 setting up WeChat exercise is complete! It's very simple. 5
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