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How to set voice lock on Apple 6 WeChat

by:YoukingTech     2021-08-21
Posted on 07.07, we all know that there are two ways to log in to WeChat, one is to use a password directly, and the other is to use a text message and a verification code. Today, the editor teaches you how to log in to WeChat with voice lock, which is simple and convenient, and the accuracy rate is very high. Method/Steps First, we go to the homepage of the mobile phone and open the WeChat app. 1 Then we can see that there are four buttons below, select ''I'2 After entering ''I3 After entering, you will see the top, account protection and security. Generally, passwords and account protection are set in this option, so we can just enter directly. 4 After entering, you see that the settings are divided into three parts, we choose the first option in the third part, called sound lock. 5 After entering, there is a green interface, and then we click the start button at the bottom, this is the system to start preparations. 6 Next, the system generates a string of random numbers by default. We only need to press the button below and read this string of numbers. Remember to be clear and speak slowly. 7 Then the stand-alone next step will re-verify the number just read. At this time, just wait patiently. 8 After the re-verification is passed, the voice lock is set. At this time, we log out of our WeChat and click to log in, and a voice login option will appear. Select this option, and then read the string of numbers directly to log in to WeChat. 9
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