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How to set up the wrong operation of incoming calls on Redmi?

by:YoukingTech     2021-08-27
Posted on 05.18. There are many benefits to smart phone touch screens. The only downside is that you may accidentally touch the touch screen and you don’t know if you make a call. Now the editor teaches you how to solve the problem of wrong connection and connection of the Redmi phone when it is taken out of the trouser pocket? Maybe everyone doesn't know that there is an incorrect operation of an incoming call. How should we enable the incorrect operation of a mobile phone call? Proceed as follows. Method/Steps Turn on the phone, enter the main interface of the phone, and tap to open the phone call function. 1 On the call function page, select the contact column. 2 Then long press the menu button of the phone to enter the setting interface. 3 In the setting interface, select 'Phone'-'More Phone Settings' item. 4 Tap to enter the call setting interface, and select the status setting when the call comes in. 5 Set the status during incoming call, and turn on the function of incorrect operation of incoming call. When the button on the right turns orange, it means that the wrong operation is successful. 6
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