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How to set up the call forwarding function of Apple 6S/6S Plus?

by:YoukingTech     2021-08-28
Posted on 05.21 How to set up call forwarding for Apple 6S/6S Plus? Sometimes when we are busy or the mobile phone signal is not good enough to connect, we can use the call forwarding function at this time. Let's take a look at the Apple 6S/6S Plus call forwarding setup tutorial with the editor! Method/Steps Open the 'Settings' application on the Apple iPhone, find the 'Phone' column in the settings list, and click to enter; 1 After entering the 'Phone' option, click the 'Call Forwarding' column in the phone list; 2 After entering , Turn on 'Call Forwarding3 Take 'No Answer' under Custom as an example, click to enter; 4 Then please enter a valid and correct phone number to be transferred, and click the 'Call Forwarding' button in the upper left corner to return. 5 When you return to the call waiting setting interface and you can see the call forwarding number we just set, it means that the setting is successful at this time, and you can test it yourself. 6
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