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How to set the screen off function of Samsung S7 mobile phone's eye recognition

by:YoukingTech     2021-08-28
Posted on 05.23 The intelligent sleep function refers to the intelligent recognition technology of the front camera of the machine to realize the function of automatically maintaining the brightness of the screen. After turning on this function, when you are reading e-books or browsing the web, you can avoid the black screen interruption and enjoy the fun of continuous viewing. The specific setting method is as follows. Method/Steps First, we turn on the phone and in the standard mode, swipe the screen to the left. 1 In the main interface, find the [Settings] icon, and then click to enter. 2 After entering the setting page, click the [Display] option. 3 After entering the [Display] interface, we then click the [Smart Sleep] option. 4 Click the slider on the right side of [Off], and [On] is displayed to indicate that it is turned on. 5
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