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How to set the Samsung J3109 to automatically disconnect after the screen is locked?

by:YoukingTech     2021-08-28
Posted on 05.20 Samsung J3109 supports lock screen disconnection function. If you want to turn on the network power saving function and automatically turn off the network function after the screen is turned off to save battery power, please follow the steps below. Method/Steps Turn on the phone, and click [Apps] on the standby page. 1 Enter the main menu interface, find the [Settings] button, and click to enter. 2 Enter the setting interface, swipe up the screen, and tap the [Battery] option. 3 Swipe up the screen again, and click [Network Power Saving]. 4 What we see now is the closed state, we need to turn it on. 5 Click the slider on the right side of [Off], and [On] is displayed to indicate that it is on. 6
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