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How to set the camera reference line of Apple 6S/6S Plus?

by:YoukingTech     2021-08-28
Posted on 05.20 How to turn on the camera grid lines for Apple 6S/6S Plus? Everyone knows that the mobile phone camera can turn on the grid lines. This can be very convenient for me to take good help. Then how to turn on the camera grid lines on the newly bought Apple 6s. The following editor will give you a demonstration. Method/Steps First, we turn on the phone, enter the main interface of the phone, and then find the [Settings] button. 1 Click to enter the main interface of [Settings], there are many setting options, we can see what they are used for. Ouch, digress, what we need is below. 2 Drag and drop down. Below we find the tab button of [Photos and Cameras]. 3 We came to the photo and camera interface. There are several options that are all turned on. Let's leave it alone and continue to do our own thing. 4 Pull down, we will see that there is a camera option, and the [Grid] below is closed. 5 Just click the button on the right of [Grid], the button status is green, it means that the grid is turned on. 6 Finally, we return to the main interface of the phone and turn on the camera to see if the grid is turned on. If not, we can look at the above steps again. 7
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