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How to set photos as screensavers in Mi 5?

by:YoukingTech     2021-08-29
Posted on 05.30 on the beautiful photos of the mobile phone, as well as the beautiful photos of the goddess/male god in my heart. I want to see them when charging or standby. When the goddess/male god on the phone slowly emerges, what a heartbreak Ah, Xiaomi 5 can do it. The following steps will teach you how to control your Xiaomi 5 and complete your ideas! Method/Steps Turn on the phone, we find the [Settings] icon in the normal mode, and then click [Settings] to enter the setting interface. 1 After entering the setting interface, we need to find the display options and tap to open. 2 Scroll down, we need to find the [Screensaver] option, click to enter. 3 After finding the [Screensaver] option, click the selection location after it to open the screensaver. 4 After entering the interface, click the option to enable the screen saver, turn it on, and enter the selection interface. 5 Select the photo you want to display, such as your WeChat photo, and return to the screen saver interface after the setting is complete. 6 Set the play time, select the screen saver slide show play time button, and click to select. 7 You can also choose to enable the screen saver only when charging, and a dialog box will pop up after you click it. Click OK to start it! 8 The setting is over! Return to the desktop and you will see the screen saver when you charge it again. 9
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