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How to set Huawei Mate 7 to turn off the screen and cannot connect to the network?

by:YoukingTech     2021-08-22
Posted on 09.07 As a user of Huawei mobile phones, we will find that there is a common problem with Huawei mobile phones-the screen is off and the network is disconnected. When the screen is off, the messages that need to be connected to the Internet cannot be received normally. The problem is not that the phone is malfunctioning, but is caused by the settings of the phone. You only need to follow the operation method provided by the editor of Operate to solve this problem! Method/Steps First, we first open [Settings], and then go to all settings to find [WLAN]. 1 After opening [WLAN], we will click [Advanced Settings]. 2 After opening [Advanced Settings], we will find [Keep WLAN connection in sleep mode] and click Open. 3 After opening, a window pops up, and we then select [Always]. 4 After finishing the above settings, we will return to the setting interface to find [Protected Background Application]. 5 Then select QQ to protect it. 6
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