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How to set a personalized signature for vivo X5Pro mobile phone SMS

by:YoukingTech     2021-08-25
Posted on 04.27 When we use vivo x5Pro to send text messages, we can set a personalized signature for ourselves, so that the other party can see the signature we set when they receive our text message. Method/Step Enter the mobile phone text message, click the menu button on the mobile phone, a menu will pop up, select more 1 and then click settings 2 select the personalized signature column 3 click the button on the right to turn on the personalized signature 4 Then, enter the personality you want Signature 5 After editing, click OK. 6 The setting is complete, as shown in the figure below. 7 In this way, when we send a text message, it will automatically display 8 The effect picture after the text message is sent, as shown in the figure 9
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